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Concise and practical entries provide fundamental coverage of the most common clinical problems and issues encountered in nursing practice today.

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Alphabetized for easy access, each entry includes a definition and description of the clinical problem; etiology; clinical aspects, such as assessment, nursing interventions, management, and implications; and outcomes. Each entry focuses on the role of the nurse throughout the treatment process, and discusses the role of other healthcare providers with a focus on multidisciplinary treatment.

Cancer de col uterin la menopauza, Cancer cervical Conținutul Nu ignora acest semne! Simptomele cancerului de col uterin. Cancerul de col uterin cancerul cervical este un tip de cancer care se produce la nivelul celulelor cervixului sau colului uterin — partea inferioară a uterului care este conectată de vagin.

Handbook of Clinical Nursing: Medical-Surgical Nursing will be of value to nursing faculty, undergraduate and graduate-level nurses, and nursing students at all levels. Key Features: Provides essential information on clinical topics pertinent to nurses working in med-surg units Offers key knowledge for nurses new to practice or working in an unfamiliar nursing area Presented in a consistent format for ease of use Includes an overview of each specialty area Focuses on the role of the nurse throughout the treatment process Written and edited by expert clinicians and educators.

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